Haalloooo ! Yesterday I spent my time with my sister and her little son. We were at  “Spirit Of Endeavour”. Very nice place with tasty food.  Would like to go there again !




  Helloooo! I am sooo bored and lonely here in UK. But I am full with motivation because I want to change my lifestyle ! Before I went to UK I always dreamed how I am changing it. So now I am in UK and it is time to do that !  But I need to wait a little bit…Oh,time, hurry up, I want to do that faster…haahh

   Here are some my OOTD pics..



   Jau vairākus gadus sapņoju par mācībām ārzemēs. Mans sapnis sāk piepildīties ! 12.augustā es aizlidoju uz UK, kur 27.augustā man ir intervija PRC. Nespēju noticēt, ka tas tiešām notiek. 

 Ceru, ka viss izdosies!