Hey! My life now is more healthy! Firstly, I don’t eat so many sweets everyday ( how I did in Latvia) Secondly, I try to run and drink many glasses of water everyday. But, of course, I will do something more because it is not enough for me.
  But today I went out of the city and spent very good time. However, I still bored here in UK and I really miss Latvia. I hope I will go there on my next holiday. Oh, it would be amazing ! But now I am just sitting and thinking what to do… Have a good day !



Ciaoooo ! In this post I would like to tell you what I use for my hair. First is shampoo, of course. Then I use conditioner only for my ends and also hair oil. Before drying I use heat defence spray. One time in week I make a hair mask because my hair is not very healthy 😦