Hello ! Yesterday I went to some shops with my friend. I found this pretty crop top from River Island. I had never before wear any crop top because I didn’t find any nice but this I really like. However, River Island have so many amazing clothes. I could spend a lot of money there. Also, I found these wonderful shoes from Next and I am in love with the design of them. 


Oh, what is happening? Last days I had so many unexpected good ongoings. But not today… I am still waiting for new one, haha. As well, I am feeling better (finally). Maybe because I think positive, I use my motivation and I work for my goals.    


 Hello, last Friday I went to my friend Eliza (again). So weird that I met this Latvian girl in UK and she is here as long as me  (3 months). However, we made a lot of videos & pictures because we want to make “a movie” about our life in UK, haha. I hope that we will do it! But next day we spent almost all day at “Costa”, it is like our tradition, haha.


Positive thoughts? Yes ! In the mornings when I have college I often wake up with negative thoughts and then mostly I spend all day with negativism in my mind. But yesterday I woke up and thought – this will be a good day ! It really was. I went to my college, I was smiling all day and I had crazy mood. I did the same today – I woke up with positivism. So I realized that I make my everyday life worse with my negative thoughts and I need think more positive (how I did it before). 


Today I went out of the city. There was so beautiful! But I can’t stop thinking how my life has changed. I am living one of my dreams but is it really my dream? I don’t feel it. Maybe because it is still not my dream. Maybe it will becomes soon or after a time. When I set my goal – study in anther country then I imagined this time much different that it is now. So I realized that moving from Latvia to UK and applying for the nearest college is not enough for my dream to come true. I need to still work for it. 

Never hope for it more that you work for it!


Hallo, yesterday I was with my friend Eliza. All day we spent at “Costa”. When I came home I realized – I am bored of dreaming. Sometimes I am so motivated but I do not use it. I just turn on my music, close eyes and think how it would be if my dreams came true. But, Kristiana, stop dreaming, stop telling reasons to yourself and start to do! 
Because one day, I want to honestly say,
“I made it”


    Hey, on Monday I came back form Latvia. I went there on 23 of October. I drove by the train to London Stansted airport and I felt so happy and excited. Finally, it was the day when I am going to Latvia. When did I get out of the plane I thought it is a dream. Outside was so cold and windy but I didn’t care about it at all because I was in LATVIA. I went home and I released that I feel like I am here all the time, that 2 months in UK don’t exist. Next day I went to my old school. I felt so welcome, I met my friends and old classmates. Oh, that school is much better that my college in UK! Then I went to the school party and all left days I was with my friends. But always in my mind was one thought-  it is just a holiday. 

   My family asked a lot of times:”Are you going back to UK?” And I answered:”Yes” I could stay in Latvia but it was my dream and my goal to study in other country that is why I need to finish my studies. I it hard but I can’t just give up. I know it is going to be better!