Hey, on Monday I came back form Latvia. I went there on 23 of October. I drove by the train to London Stansted airport and I felt so happy and excited. Finally, it was the day when I am going to Latvia. When did I get out of the plane I thought it is a dream. Outside was so cold and windy but I didn’t care about it at all because I was in LATVIA. I went home and I released that I feel like I am here all the time, that 2 months in UK don’t exist. Next day I went to my old school. I felt so welcome, I met my friends and old classmates. Oh, that school is much better that my college in UK! Then I went to the school party and all left days I was with my friends. But always in my mind was one thought-  it is just a holiday. 

   My family asked a lot of times:”Are you going back to UK?” And I answered:”Yes” I could stay in Latvia but it was my dream and my goal to study in other country that is why I need to finish my studies. I it hard but I can’t just give up. I know it is going to be better!


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