Hello. I hope you all had a great Christmas! I enjoyed my Christmas very well even I wasn’t with all my family. Besides I am really pleased about my presents and I really like them. However, I can’t wait for New Year’s Eve but I still don’t know how and where I will celebrate it.





Hey, as I have winter holiday (3weeks) and I am alone in UK because all my friends are in Latvia then I am sitting at home all the time. However, today I finally went out to the town. I saw so many interesting and sweet Christmas gifts which I would like to buy for my friends and family but I think , as I have a lot of time, I could make by my own!



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Morning ! On Saturday I went to Cambridge. I had never been there and this was my first time. The city is full with beautiful buildings, mostly, them are universities and colleges. Oh, would be amazing to study there! Also, I think that Cambridge is good for shopping because there are a lot of really nice shops where you can buy so interesting and beautiful things. However, I hadn’t enough time to see everything and I wish to come back soon with my friend !

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Hello, do you have any Christmas feelings? I have, finally! By the way, I love this beautiful time when outside is snow ( I wish to have it in UK) and  all around are Christmas lights and decors. Also, lovely Christmas markets where you can buy hot chocolate. However, I can’t still believe that this is the last week of the college this year. But I wish to be in Latvia in this time and celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve there. But I am staying in UK, however, it will be something different and new !

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Yesterday I saw this – 

You have one month to finish 
the book of 2014.
Make the best chapter
a perfect one.

It really makes me think about a lot of things. I still haven’t finished my bucket list of 2014. Last time when I looked at it, it was before 2 months and I saw that I had done a lot. So now I have exactly one month to finish my bucket list, also, make this year wonderful in my memory.