Hey, today I feel so energetic and happy without any reason but maybe my perfect night dream was the reason ?! Haha. However, I should use my energy for planning this Wednesday because I will go to Nottingham with my friend Eliza and I can’t wait for it. Have a lovely day !





Hii, it is end of January and I am proud that I still work on my goals. Maybe because I use my motivation. To my mind, the right motivation is the most important thing to reach goals because when you are motivated then you want to do and you have enough energy. My motivation is pictures, when I am working on my goals and I want to quit then I just need to look some pictures which I wish to be mine because that pictures inspire me.




Can you start to do your future determination now? ( example – make your own blog, be healthy and more) To my mind, it is so great to do your determination now, even if you planned to do it later. Firstly, even if you just try you will have experience and also even a bit of knowledge. Secondly, in the time when you may have to start to work for your determination you will be much closer to reach it or had already reached. Also, you can just even plan how to do it in future.



Hey everybody! I am happy that today is friday, finally, because all week I feel so tired. However, yesterday was so beautiful day – warm, sunny. Hard to believe that winter in UK can be like that. So in the early morning my friend came to my house and after that we went out and enjoyed the amazing day. Of course, I took some pictures which you can see.





Morning! I hope you all have a beautiful start of 2015 ! Maybe it is funny but I really made a lot of new promises to myself and new goals and I am already working for them because I want to live my dreams as fast as I can. That means – work, work and work.