London 2017

It is so weird that when Marta and I were 15 years old we used to plan and imagine us going to London. I even add a note next to contact number – “Go to London”. Look, three years later we are in London!


It was so great to be there with my best friend, especially, when we don’t live anymore in the same country. It actually felt like we both are on a trip.


I remember that we used to always say ” Omg, we can go to Harrods when we are in London” so when we arrived there I was like – “Can’t believe we are actually here ahaha.”





It is so important to believe yourself… I am actually very surprised how much I have received only by law of attraction. There are so many things I have thought about and imagined which have eventually happened to me. Yes, some of the things took years ¬†and some of them took only couple of seconds, but the most important is to believe that you will have it. Just spend couple of seconds imagining that you already have what you want and then one day you will just realise that you actually have it. It is not always easy but it is worth it!