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It is time when we think about Christmas and we decor our houses with Christmas decors. That is why when yesterday I started to do my nails I decided to use glitter. I still wanted my nails to look simple, as I usually colour them in nude colours,  that is why I didn’t use glitter for all my nails.

You basically just need some glitter and a nail polish. Make sure that you put a nail polish on your nails and then glitter while the nail polish is still dry. Then again another coat of nail polish over the glitter. Of course, you can just buy a glitter nail polish, but if you have some glitter at home then why not use it?


And yes this cappuccino I made was so good and now I keep making it all the time. However, it tastes much better when you use milk instead of water.


My new products

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The Body Shop blueberry body butter

I already have so many body butters but I still bought this one. I personally like The Body Shop products so much, especially, their body butters because they smell so good. I am really loving this product.

Revlon face illuminator

When I saw this Revlon face illuminator at the shop I knew I need to get it. I chose the ” 100 bare light” one because it made my skin shinnier that the other ones and it looks very good on my skin.

Style essentials The brilliant bronze


I chose this eyeshadow pallete because I really like these colours and you can use them anytime. As you see I accidentally dropped it…

Revlon Blushing Mauve lipstick


I really wanted a new lipstick and especially in this colour, however, at the store the colour looked a bit different what is a bit sad, however, the colour is still good. The quality of the lipstick is also good because it doesn’t make your lips look dry.

Hair masks

We all want our hair to feel and look good, in order, to achieve it we use hair masks. I used to buy different hair masks, but lately I have realised that they are bad for your hair. Of course, all the hair masks you can find at shops will make your hair look much better, however, they cosist of many integrants which actually are not good for our hair. That is the reason why I recommendable to make your own hair masks.

List of integrants you can mix:

  • Eggs – makes your hair shiny, promote hair growth
  • Avocado – makes your hair healthier
  • Coconut oil – helps for hair growth and split ends
  • Olive oil – promotes hair growth
  • Honey – makes your hair shiny
  • Castrol oil – promote hair growth



Ciaoooo ! In this post I would like to tell you what I use for my hair. First is shampoo, of course. Then I use conditioner only for my ends and also hair oil. Before drying I use heat defence spray. One time in week I make a hair mask because my hair is not very healthy 😦 


My September beauty favorites:

Syoss  Heat – Protect Styling -Spray.
Thermo-Hear Shield- protection up to 220 C
Cheightons extra moisturising shampoo.
(Rehydrates, softens and smoothes dry or damaged blonde hair. )
Venus purifying mask.
Patisserie DE BAIN lemon Bon-Bon hand cream.


My new Lee stafford MULTi STYLER.
Versatile multi styler to create crimped straight or curled looks with one tool.
Attachments for waves, curls, crimping and straightening.


Venus purifying mask.
The purifying mask with the exclusive white clay texture cleans the skin gently and thoroughly. it removes excess sebum and refines the pores. Willow bark extract supports the cell regeneration. Particularly suitable for combination and oily skin.
Apply to the face two or tree times a wee. Leave on for 5-10 minutes.
Die Reinigungsmaske mit der exklusiven Textur aus weißer Tonerde reinigt die Haut sanft und gründlich. Sie entfern überschüssigen Talg und verfeinert die Poren. Weidenriden-Extrakt unterstützt die Zellerneuerung. Besonders für Mischhaut und ölige Haut geeignet.
Zwei- bis dreimal wöchentlich auf das Gesicht auftragen. 5-10 Minuten einwirken lassen.


New month with new beauty products from Patissierie DE BAIN.

So I decided to show my new beauty products with u guys!
I bought two Strawberry cupcakes bath & shower cremes and one Lemon Bon-Bon body cream and  Sugared Violet moisturising body lotion. 

Jauns mēnesis ar jauniem skaistumkopšanas produktiem no Patissierie DE BAIN.

Es nolēmu parādīt jums savus jaunos skaistumkopšanas produktus!
Es iegādājos divas Strawberry cupcakes vannas & dušas želejas un vienu  Lemon Bon-Bon ķermeņa krēmu un Sugared Violet mitronojošu ķermeņa losijonu.