Hello ! Yesterday I went to some shops with my friend. I found this pretty crop top from River Island. I had never before wear any crop top because I didn’t find any nice but this I really like. However, River Island have so many amazing clothes. I could spend a lot of money there. Also, I found these wonderful shoes from Next and I am in love with the design of them. 


Oh, what is happening? Last days I had so many unexpected good ongoings. But not today… I am still waiting for new one, haha. As well, I am feeling better (finally). Maybe because I think positive, I use my motivation and I work for my goals.    


Positive thoughts? Yes ! In the mornings when I have college I often wake up with negative thoughts and then mostly I spend all day with negativism in my mind. But yesterday I woke up and thought – this will be a good day ! It really was. I went to my college, I was smiling all day and I had crazy mood. I did the same today – I woke up with positivism. So I realized that I make my everyday life worse with my negative thoughts and I need think more positive (how I did it before). 



  Helloooo! I am sooo bored and lonely here in UK. But I am full with motivation because I want to change my lifestyle ! Before I went to UK I always dreamed how I am changing it. So now I am in UK and it is time to do that !  But I need to wait a little bit…Oh,time, hurry up, I want to do that faster…haahh

   Here are some my OOTD pics..