London 2017

It is so weird that when Marta and I were 15 years old we used to plan and imagine us going to London. I even add a note next to contact number – “Go to London”. Look, three years later we are in London!


It was so great to be there with my best friend, especially, when we don’t live anymore in the same country. It actually felt like we both are on a trip.


I remember that we used to always say ” Omg, we can go to Harrods when we are in London” so when we arrived there I was like – “Can’t believe we are actually here ahaha.”




On my name day which was on Saturday I with my family visited a lavender plan, we walked around and after that we even had a cake which was made from lavender. In Latvia there are only two lavender plants and I think it’s really great that people who live in Latvia don’t have to go far away just to see lavender, moreover, this place looks so nice and it is so relaxing.


Three weeks ago I decided to go to Latvia, this time with a car. We drove through countries such as France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and other. The trip was actually not that bad as I was expected and I met some nice people who were also driving to Latvia. 

I really enjoy time here and it is great to be at home and spend time with my friends and family. I have already visited many places, last Saturday I with my family went to Gauja. There we spent some time near the beach and the river. The nature there is so beautiful. 


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When I arrived in Latvia I was smiling so much. I felt so weird because I was back to my old life and I couldn’t believe that I haven’t been in Latvia for 6 months and England was like a dream for me. However, I spent a lot of time with my family and we were traveling around Latvia and I understood how beautiful is my country because when I lived there I didn’t really appreciate it but now I do. Even though Latvia is such a small country you can be able to see so much there.

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Can you start to do your future determination now? ( example – make your own blog, be healthy and more) To my mind, it is so great to do your determination now, even if you planned to do it later. Firstly, even if you just try you will have experience and also even a bit of knowledge. Secondly, in the time when you may have to start to work for your determination you will be much closer to reach it or had already reached. Also, you can just even plan how to do it in future.



Hey everybody! I am happy that today is friday, finally, because all week I feel so tired. However, yesterday was so beautiful day – warm, sunny. Hard to believe that winter in UK can be like that. So in the early morning my friend came to my house and after that we went out and enjoyed the amazing day. Of course, I took some pictures which you can see.





Hey, as I have winter holiday (3weeks) and I am alone in UK because all my friends are in Latvia then I am sitting at home all the time. However, today I finally went out to the town. I saw so many interesting and sweet Christmas gifts which I would like to buy for my friends and family but I think , as I have a lot of time, I could make by my own!



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Morning ! On Saturday I went to Cambridge. I had never been there and this was my first time. The city is full with beautiful buildings, mostly, them are universities and colleges. Oh, would be amazing to study there! Also, I think that Cambridge is good for shopping because there are a lot of really nice shops where you can buy so interesting and beautiful things. However, I hadn’t enough time to see everything and I wish to come back soon with my friend !

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Yesterday I saw this – 

You have one month to finish 
the book of 2014.
Make the best chapter
a perfect one.

It really makes me think about a lot of things. I still haven’t finished my bucket list of 2014. Last time when I looked at it, it was before 2 months and I saw that I had done a lot. So now I have exactly one month to finish my bucket list, also, make this year wonderful in my memory.


Today I went out of the city. There was so beautiful! But I can’t stop thinking how my life has changed. I am living one of my dreams but is it really my dream? I don’t feel it. Maybe because it is still not my dream. Maybe it will becomes soon or after a time. When I set my goal – study in anther country then I imagined this time much different that it is now. So I realized that moving from Latvia to UK and applying for the nearest college is not enough for my dream to come true. I need to still work for it. 

Never hope for it more that you work for it!