My week

Hey! This week was kinda weird because I wasn’t feeling good, however, I had some great moments. I went shopping with my mum and bought some new clothes and other stuff and yes, that made me a bit more happier. Then on Thursday I had a girls’s night out with my classmates from the college. That wasn’t such a good idea because on next day we had college. My spare time I just spent on Netflix, watching “That 70′ show” and I actually finished it yesterday and now I have no idea what to do… 



On my name day which was on Saturday I with my family visited a lavender plan, we walked around and after that we even had a cake which was made from lavender. In Latvia there are only two lavender plants and I think it’s really great that people who live in Latvia don’t have to go far away just to see lavender, moreover, this place looks so nice and it is so relaxing.


Three weeks ago I decided to go to Latvia, this time with a car. We drove through countries such as France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and other. The trip was actually not that bad as I was expected and I met some nice people who were also driving to Latvia. 

I really enjoy time here and it is great to be at home and spend time with my friends and family. I have already visited many places, last Saturday I with my family went to Gauja. There we spent some time near the beach and the river. The nature there is so beautiful. 

Positive vibes. 

 Two weeks ago I felt so happy and it wasn’t just for a moment but for days. Actually, I can’t remember when I was that happy as I was two weeks ago. The key to that was positive thinking. What I want to say is if you want to feel happy you don’t have to wait when something good happens with you but you have to appreciate everything what already is happening with you, even all the small things. Create in your mind situation or thing what makes you happy and try to feel it like you have it in real life. That is how you attract positivi vibes and also this situation to become real. Moreover, if something makes you feel bad you have to try to focus yourself on all positive and good things to excape from negative vibes. It is very important because when you think positive you receive back good things in your life in order to feel happy. 

I am going away…

As my 18th Birthday is on the way, I already got the early birthday present…I going to Latvia next week. I was so exited and happy when I found out as I haven’t been there since August. I can’t wait to be back home and see my friends, family!


So yesterday my mum decided to go to Stamford which is a nice, small town. Although because of the cold wind and rain we didn’t stay there for long. What is more, we went to this place called “The London Inn” to get some food.


Creat. Receive. 

Think positive! They say that with our thoughts we create our future and what is going to happen with us. Couple of days ago I was reading a lot about law of attraction and afterwards I tried to think as positive as I can and create everything what I want to happen in my mind. I have to say I was surprised because after a short time I felt so much happier than before and I received a lot of what I wanted to receive. 

Winter Wonderland 


Yesterday I went to Nottingham to visit my friend. We went to Winter Wonderland and it was so nice…there were a lot of tasty foods and beautiful things to buy. But it was so cild outside, I was even shocked that it can be that cold in UK at this time ahaha  Anyway, how are you feeling about the idea that Christmas is coming soon? I personally can’t believe it. 




It’s holiday! I am truly happy about it because recently I had so many assignments to do and finally I can relax. However, this year I am staying in UK whereas last year I went to Latvia. I am hoping to go to Nottingham and meet my best friend as I miss her so much. As well, I will try to work on my blog and just enjoy my holiday…so see you guys later x 


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On Wednesday  me and Eliza went to Nottingham, yeah, we always go there but it is such a nice city and we went there because of our college. After visiting our new college we spent in Nottingham some more hours. I remembered how we both were walking there in January with the navigation and we were so worried  about how much we still have to do to get a place on our chosen course but now we know those streets in Nottingham and we don’t need a navigation anymore and we have to wait just a week to start our business course.  But yeah, times goes by and things change…

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